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What to Do When a Volunteer Is More Skilled Than You

As a tech director, I want to be at the top of my game. If a volunteer has a question or needs help trouble shooting I always try to have the answer right away. It’s not a pride thing. It’s about always learning, growing and giving my volunteers the confidence that they won’t be hung out to dry. But what happens when a new volunteer comes on board with more experience than you on a certain station. It may be a college student that’s helping out over the summer who’s been studying lighting all year. Or a sound engineer that moved from another city and has had the past experience to mix in a professional theater. Or even a new member that works at the local news station and can run circles around you on the video system. As intimidating as this may be, its pretty much the best situation you can find yourself in. You learn from them, let them train others and yet maintain your role as Tech Director.

This is the greatest opportunity for you to teach other volunteers how to learn. Imagine seeing a leader humbly hand over the reins to another volunteer. Not in a waving-the-white-flag-in-surrender way but as a leader who seeks the best for the whole. If you want volunteers that listen, respond to constructive criticism and approach everything as a student you must show them how to do it as their leader. Once you’ve released control, you can now learn from them and get better yourself. Soak in everything they do, ask questions and show your appreciation for them being on the team and their willingness to pass on what they know.

This next part gets a little tougher. Now that you’ve handed over the reins, invite other volunteers of the same station to join in as you learn. By inviting volunteers into this you can avoid two things. Other volunteers would catch on and will stop looking to you as their leader. The second can be even worse as the more skilled tech would feel used and unappreciated, especially if you learn new techniques and then pass it on as your own knowledge. The more you pour out encouragement the closer your team will grow in relationships. The more they will encourage others. You will see their skills soar.

Steve Jobs did not create the Apple empire by himself. Jobs let other people take the lead in design and growth. I can easily name Tim Cook (even before the passing of Steve Jobs), Jon Ive and Phil Schiller. Good leaders encourage and lift up more leaders. As your volunteers grow, you will grow. Shake the fear that someone could take your position or become more important than you. That kind of thought is a downward spiral.

Embracing the strength of your volunteers will take your team to the next level. It will make other people want to join the team. You will grow in your knowledge as will your volunteers. They will follow your lead as an encourager and student.



It’s Time to Fall Back: Media to Help Your Church Remember

Daylight saving time is about to end. I know. I know. It’s a bit sad. The days are going to be shorter. We’ll be driving home from work in the dark. It can be a bit of a bummer if we let it. But I refuse to get down over setting our clocks back an hour. I refuse to hang my head and let my shoulders droop because the days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder, and the sun just isn’t staying out as long. I ask you to stand with me and look at the bright side. By turning our clocks back an hour, we are another day closer to springing them ahead. That’s right, we’ve got to think of the long game here. It’s not that we’re losing daylight. It’s that we are getting closer to the spring and summer when the days get longer and weather gets warmer. So no more slouching. Let’s get out there and use this media with passion and announce to our church that though Daylight Saving time may be ending, we are getting closer to that day when we can spring ahead again!


Fall Back Reminder: The Clock Shop by Skit Guys Studios

Fall Back with Johnny and Chachi by Igniter Media

Fall Back with Dumb Riddles by Media4Worship


Fall Back Motion Background by Graceway Media

Fall Shades Fall Back Motion Background by Life Scribe Media


Fall Back Still Background by Playback Media

Painted Autumn Fall Back Still Background by Centerline New Media


Fall Back Countdown by Playback Media


Failure as the Starting Place for Worship

The pressure to be a worship leader today is intense! If someone who does not go to church started looking around at worship gatherings today, I think a general statement they could make would be that worship leaders are rock stars. I think that’s an easy assumption to make because I could make the same statement as well! But is that the goal? Is being a worship leader equal to being a rock star? I sure hope not. And Zac Hicks has a few things to say about this topic.

In Zac’s book, The Worship Pastor, Zac challenges this notion by sharing his own personal journey in this area and by digging into the Scriptures to give us a solid, biblical picture of what it means to be a worship leader. In this brief excerpt, Zac gives us a glimpse into where we should begin in our new venture into understanding what it means to be a worship leader.

Failure as the Starting Place for Worship

For the same reason, failure is the great and perpetual starting place for worship too. The worship of God begins only when the worship of ourselves ends, and acknowledgment of our failure hastens that ending. I imagine this is why hymn writer Joseph Hart (1712–68) included this verse in one of my favorite call to worship songs:

Let not conscience make you linger,
Nor of fitness fondly dream;
All the fitness He requireth
is to feel your need of Him.4

What does God require of His worshipers? What is our entry ticket into wor- ship? What’s the password? It’s “I need you, God.” As C. FitzSimons Allison said, “Restlessness, uneasiness, and dissatisfaction with ourselves is the only qualifica- tion for worship.”5 We can properly look up only when we are flat on our backs. Failure leads to a life-giving shift in posture, a change from looking downward and inward to looking outward and upward. And then the very hill that we know we can’t ascend becomes the mountain on which our hope lies:

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord.
– Psalm 121:1-2

It is atop that same mountain that the angel took a despondent apostle John when he was weeping over the unworthiness of the whole world. And as their eyes ascended the hill, an elder cried, “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able.” And John turned, lifting up his eyes to the mountains, and saw “a Lamb, looking as though it had been slain” (Rev. 5:5–6). Atop the hill we could never ascend, the hill of Calvary, hangs the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world—the One with clean hands and a pure heart.

Who may ascend the hill of the Lord? The Lamb answers, “I.”
And suddenly, our failure is swallowed up in worship.

4. Joseph Hart, “Come Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy” (1759). Public Domain.
5. FitzSimons Allison, Fear, Love, and Worship (New York: Seabury, 1962), 27.

Taken from The Worship Pastor by Zac Hicks. Copyright © 2016 by Zachary M. Hicks. Used by permission of Zondervan.

You can get this book from Zondervan and Amazon:

Zac Hicks is Canon for Worship and Liturgy at Cathedral Church of the Advent (Birmingham, Alabama).


FREE Media for Your Service This Weekend

Using media in your service does many things. For one it can help create atmosphere’s in which we worship God. Media can also help tie thematic elements of your service together in one cohesive bundle; and that in turn helps the message stick with your congregation throughout the week. In today’s culture, what language do most people speak? To answer this question, just look around and see what people are doing. They are looking at their phone, their computer screen, movies, TV’s, etc. Our culture understands imagery, color, and motion. Good or bad is not the discussion here. We are simply trying to speak the language of the people. So whether you use this FREE media or not, I encourage you to prayerfully choose what media you can use to help solidify the point you are trying to make this weekend.

A Purpose by James Grocho

Jesus our savior, gave his life in place of ours, so that we could have a purpose in life.

Control by AdoptionMedia

We all like to have control, to be our own master, but the truth of the matter is our control only leads to death. But Jesus graciously fixed that and gives us the victory if we hand control of our lives over to Him. This thought provoking mini-movie asks the question who is in control of your life, you or God?

Gorilla Game by Digital Felt Productions

An interactive, crazy take on the Rock, Paper, Scissors game. Kids compete against their neighbors to try and be the last kid standing. Game starts out spoofing a yoga video and then breaks into some loud, crazy music. Game has 3 questions.

Every Conversation Matters by Pink Goose Media

Does what we say really influence others to make a decision to follow Christ? We may never know how long it will take for our words to impact others lives. What we do know is that every conversation matters. Even those casual chats that seem to be about nothing, they matter! Every conversation you have about Jesus is important.

Passing Clouds Motion Background by Playback Media

This motion features a beautiful orange sky with rolling clouds slowly drifting across the background. The faint glow of the sun highlights the center of the clouds. The warm hues help set a peaceful serene feeling. This is a gorgeous background to help set a calm meditative mood for any setting and is a great background for any time of the year! The Passing Clouds 7 Motion Background is part of the Passing Clouds Collection.

Free Video of the Week from Lightstock



Austin Stone Worship – 1st Ever Studio Album Release

Austin Stone Worship, a ministry of The Austin Stone Community Church, releases its first studio album and eighth recording overall, Everflow, Nov. 17 through The Fuel Music. The 13-track album is available for pre-order beginning today at iTunes, Amazon Music and other digital retailers globally while the first single from the recording, “Singing In Victory,” will release Oct. 20.

Dedicated to serving and equipping the Church in Austin, TX and around the world with content rich in theology, mission and expression, Austin Stone Worship’s Everflow was crafted by the group’s 200-plus songwriters, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, designers and storytellers in response to themes of the book of 1 Peter.

“1 Peter is powerful and timely for today’s culture. It deals with suffering, enduring in the faith, and persevering no matter the cost,” says Austin Stone Worship Pastor Aaron Ivey. “It helps answer this question: How do we live in a world that is not our home?

“Scripture often uses the sea as an illustration of two dichotomous things: the perils of suffering, and the redeeming work of Jesus,” continues Ivey. “Both are true for believers. We may feel lost in a raging sea, but we know that God uses it to save us.”

Aiming to point listeners to the supremacy of Jesus in all things: through suffering and through redemption, Everflow intersperses instrumental “Selahs,” short pauses amidst the lyrical songs to give the listener a moment to reflect on the truths expressed in the lyrics.

For each of these instrumental pieces, Austin Stone Worship also offers poetry inspired by 1 Peter in a companion Everflow devotional to allow for reflection on who God is and what he has done. The devotional further explores the richness of the theology in each song and is meant to help worshipers understand what they are singing and why. The group’s desire with this new project is to exalt God and to be people who worship in spirit and truth.

“My hope is that Everflow will encourage believers to look to Christ through their suffering, trusting that though they are exiles in the world, they belong to Jesus and are His,” says the project’s producer, Kyle Lent. “Working on this record has forced me to look at the difficult circumstances of my life and see the movement of God even through, and perhaps especially through, those times. It’s encouraged me to see and experience the unity of the Church: that Peter’s words 2000-years-ago are still relevant and true for believers today.”

Along with the album and devotional, other practical resources for churches, such as chord charts, instructional videos and a curriculum, can be found at


The full Everflow track listing follows:

01) Everflow
02) Singing In The Victory
03) The Center Of It All
04) Selah: The Desert
05) Jesus Lifted High
06) All Because Of Christ
07) Selah: The Sea
08) Your Mercy
09) You Can’t Be Praised Enough
10) Selah: The Air
11) Emmanuel God With Us
12) Jesus Is Better [Studio Version]
13) Benediction

About The Austin Stone Community Church:

The Austin Stone Community Church was established in 2002 and has grown from a small gathering of 100 to nearly 8,000 weekly attendees. The mission of the church is to exalt the name of Christ in Austin, the US and around the world, aiming to be a community who gives glory to Christ above all things and welcomes all people to join us in worshipping Him. Twelve Sunday services are held weekly at five different locations in Austin. For more information, visit

About Austin Stone Worship:

Austin Stone Worship is a collection of worship leaders, musicians, songwriters, storytellers, and artists serving and equipping the church with content rich in theology, mission and expression. It exists to exalt the name of Jesus Christ here and now, always and forever. As a ministry of The Austin Stone Community Church, ASW is dedicated to proclaiming the beautiful gospel of Christ in their city and to the world, while challenging believers to live a fully devoted life to Jesus. They train worship leaders and artists, developing them in strong theology as well as practical skills through two-year worship leader residencies, internships, worship pastor intensives and online worship leader development. For more information, visit

About The Fuel Music:

Established in 2008, The Fuel Music & Management, LLC, is a leading artist management and artist solutions company that independently distributes music internationally. Based in Nashville, TN, the Fuel team brings nearly 70 years of combined music industry experience in record label operations, major label distribution and marketing, and artist management for artists ranging from upstart bands to GRAMMY Award nominated, multi-platinum artists. More information on the company can be found at




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