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Our thoughts and prayers are with The Lake Family and UBC Waco

Today, we at WorshipHouse, and many others mourn the passing of Kyle Lake, pastor of University Baptist in Waco, TX. Kyle, only 33, died yesterday morning after a tragic accident while leading a baptism. Yes, UBC is David Crowder’s church. Kyle was David’s pastor and friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kyle’s wife, their 3 kids and the University Baptist community.

Our sister company, Igniter Media, has set up a way to donate money to Kyle’s family. Check here for more info:


San Diego: Here we come!

Next week, Jeff, Rob and I will head to San Diego for the Outreach Convention. I’m looking forward to it and hope to meet any of you that are planning to attend. If you’re going to be there let us know!

We’ve been LIVE for a week now and word is really starting to get out. It’s been fun to experience the transition of “prep” mode to an open for business/serve mode. We are glad you’re checking us out and hope you’ll continue to allow us to be a small part of your worship planning.

Look for Christmas products and reviews coming soon!


We are Live! And so it begins…

Late last night we “flipped the switch” and took WorshipHouse LIVE. Today has been an exciting day as word is slowly getting out and people are stumbling across the website.

If you’re reading this, then you know we’re open for business!

Here’s how you can help:
1. PLEASE help spread the word. Tell your friends and peers about us.
2. If you come across something that is not working properly, let us know, so we can address it.
3. Go ahead and register –
4. Check out our FREE monthly download.
5. Order a hardcopy of something so you can check out our cool boxes!

Dive in!


“A Collision” Tour Rocked My Face Off!

Wow! Last night I went to Irving Bible Church, here in Dallas, for the “A Collision” Tour, featuring Robbie Seay Band, Shane and Shane and the David Crowder Band. I had an amazing time and was able to worship God among 3000 people packed into a church that seats 2500. What an experience!

To see when this tour is coming to your town click here:

Interesting to note: they didn’t use any lyrics/visuals on the screens. I’m not sure why, I assume something went wrong and they were not able to make it work last night. I’d love to hear back from some of you that caught this tour in a different city. Did they use visuals on the screen in your city?

I’ve seen the David Crowder Band MANY times and they always have very cool media going on behind them. Don’t get me wrong, they did do a TON with lighting, had a lot of moving/intelligent lights – it wasn’t one of those “We’re stripping down to the bare necessities.” “Going Unplugged…” “We don’t like all that junk behind us…” No, actually, the lights were way more than what I had expected. I, honestly, think the reason there were no visuals was due to a technical glitch. Don’t know…anyone else catch this tour?


The Chronicles of Narnia “Sneak Peek!”

I must say, I was pretty excited to be invited to attend a “sneak peek” of the upcoming Narnia movie, “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe”. Yesterday I went to this first sneak peek, which happened to be at Chuck Swindol’s church here in the Dallas area.

Let me sum it up quickly for you:
The POSITIVE: Stephen Curtis Chapman was there and sang two songs with just him and his guitar – very cool. The trailers that we saw were awesome and the movie is going to be amazing!
The NEGATIVE: It was just that – trailers of the movie. I was disappointed that what was called a “sneak peek” and even a “pre-screening of the movie” was actually a program that featured various speakers and two movie trailers that you can see on the website (

Oh well, guess I’ll have to wait just like everyone else. 🙂


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