How to Prepare Your Site for the Easter Rush

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Easter is around the corner, and as you know, most churches see a surge of first-time visitors for the occasion. Your church may, and should, take advantage of a number of ways to advertise your Easter services like social media, Google Adwords, direct mail, and word of mouth. But, one of the most common ways for people to find a new church any day of the year is extremely important for Easter too. It’s your website! Here are some tips to help you get your site in shape and ready for the Easter rush.

Make a great first impression
Your homepage is the first page most people will see on your website, so use it to its fullest potential. A few weeks prior to Easter, place information about your Easter services in a prominent place on the homepage. If you have a spot for an image, create a simple and inviting graphic about your Easter Sunday events and include service times for the day. The goal is to make it fast and easy for your visitors to find the basic details.

Map it out
On a contact us page or a page specifically for new visitors, include your address and directions to your location. Or, better yet, embed a Google map. This will help visitors find your facility quickly. Bonus tip: If you’ve already embedded a map on your site, verify that it is working correctly! You never know when your mapping service has made a change, making your map inaccessible.

We love kids
For kids, visiting a new place can be intimidating, especially when there is a buzz of activity like you’ll see at church on Easter Sunday. Help parents prepare their children by filling them in on your kids programs for the day. Don’t spell out every detail, but on your new visitors page, give basic info on classes and what kids will do during their worship time. Giving this info upfront will help parents and kids ease any nerves before the morning arrives.

Tag Team
With the additional traffic to your site just before Easter, don’t miss out on the opportunity to promote other spring events. Do you have small groups starting soon? Or is there an upcoming sermon series that shouldn’t be missed? Include your announcements for future programs on your homepage now. Hopefully the extra eyes on these announcements will lead to greater engagement in your ministry!

What do you do differently with your site around Easter?

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