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What is it?

Tomorrow (9/17) the newest domain extension, .CHURCH, will be open to the general public. What does this mean for your church? Because so many churches share a name, the .COM extension has become overcrowded causing churches to add abbreviations, symbols, and locations to their domain names. The addition of .CHURCH establishes a new option for creating an online community for your church.

Why should you register for one?

1.)  Avoid “search frustration.” Because the .COM and .ORG extensions are so crowded with information it may be time consuming and frustrating trying to find your church’s website among the millions of search results. Help your congregation and community avoid “search frustration” by creating an easy to remember domain name such as YourChurchName.church.

2.)  Create a powerful marketing tool for yourself! Because a .CHURCH website will allow the community to find you easier and faster, information on your services, events, directions, and contact information will be just as easy to find.

3.)  Take a “defensive” approach. This new extension creates opportunities for wrong doers to abuse your church’s name and reputation. Even if your church isn’t interested in the new .CHURCH extension, it may be a good idea to take a “defensive” approach and register a domain name that may be used by someone trying to misrepresent your church.

4.)  New opportunities. Because many .COM and .ORG domain names are already taken, this new .CHURCH extension provides you with the opportunity to stake claim on a premium domain name that is shorter, more precise, and easier to find.

Ready to claim your new domain name?

You can pre-register for a .CHURCH website at most of the domain registrars listed here.

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