Are You Posting the Right Content on Facebook?

By February 8, 2016July 7th, 2020Social Media
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Today, social media is all around us. Chances are your church has a Facebook page. Even with this social presence, are you getting the most out of your account? Below is a comparison of Facebook posts and the pros and cons to each.



– Eye Catching: Media posts quickly grab a viewer’s attention. The automatic play capabilities of video and the colors of an image attract ones’ eyesight. This allows you to generate the highest reach per post on Facebook.
– Inspiring: Visuals inspire people. With media posts, you are providing viewers with images that motivate them. It is easier to be inspired by a visual than a short text post.
– Featured Videos: Facebook has updated their video settings and created the Featured Video. These videos are displayed at the top of your video page and can give a visual description of your Church mission.

1. Difficult to Keep Attention: Attention spans are difficult to hold and keep. With this in mind, the content you post needs to stand out and keep your viewers interested. The first 3 seconds must keep them focused or they will move on!



1. Auto-Populate: Links posts are the best way to direct your followers to a specific website. When you post a link in the Facebook status bar, a website preview will populate in the post. Your audience will then have the ability to click the post and be directed to the landing page shared.
1. Low Reach: Due to Facebook’s algorithm, link posts do not receive as high of a reach rate as video and image posts. This will cause fewer viewers to see and interact with your post.
2. Difficult to Grab Attention: Due to numerous links posted to Facebook daily, it is difficult to stand out and attract your audience to these posts.


1. Quick and Simple to Post: Status posts are a great way to convey your message to your audience. Simply type your message into the status bar and select share. This process makes status posts the quickest and easiest posts to create on Facebook.

1. Lowest Reach: Due to the amount of media and links posted to Facebook, status posts receive the lowest reach rate among the different types of Facebook posts.
2. Difficult to Grab Attention: Simply put, status posts do not stand out on the Facebook homepage. With the thousands of colorful video, picture, and advertisements created, text posts can quickly be passed over by your audience.

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