5 Meaningful Mother’s Day Ideas for Church

By May 8, 2014July 7th, 2020Communication
mother's day ideas for church

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and like many children around the country who are struggling to find the right gift for their moms, churches often have a hard time knowing what to do to honor the mothers in their congregation. Here you’ll find five Mother’s Day ideas for church, including sermon ideas, video tips, and other ways to honor moms.

Preach an Encouraging Message for Moms
Motherhood can be a thankless job. Have you seen the video about the job description that requires 24-hour-a-day labor, is messy, and gets $0 in compensation? That’s being a mom (sorry for the spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the video). And I’m guessing there are a bunch of tired, overworked, emotionally-spent mothers in your congregation that could use a word of encouragement. Use your sermon to honor the work they do and inspire them to not give up. The work they do will make a world of difference in the lives of their children. Invest in them. (If you’re looking for Mother’s Day sermon ideas, check out SermonSearch.com).

Use a Mom- and Christ- Honoring Video
In addition to encouraging moms through your message, you may also want to consider using a Mother’s Day themed video as a part of your service. Sites like WorshipHouse Media have hundreds of videos to choose from – whether you’re looking for something funny, inspirational, or anything in between.

Enlist Help from the Kids
Get help from the experts on mothers – their kids! No one knows their moms better than their children – for better or for worse – and making them them your co-conspirators can make the day really special. If you have a Children’s Choir or can wrangle all the kiddos together for one special song, it can be really meaningful for moms to see and hear their children worshiping Jesus. If your church is too large for such a production, you could also include a craft or project into the Kids’ Ministry lesson, something that the kids could give to their moms on the way home from church – a card, a handmade art project, a coupon book for services around the house, etc.

Do or Give Something Tangible
Of course, if you have the means to do so, giving the moms in your church a little token of love and appreciation always goes a long way. This could be as simple as giving every mom a flower as they leave or buying every mother a little devotional book. Or – if you want to go all out – hire a bunch of masseuses to come in and do chair massages for moms that want to stick around and be pampered.

Honor All Kinds of Moms
Moms come from different backgrounds and are at different stages of life, and you may very well have one of each in your worship center on Sunday. Keep that in mind as you make your plans – you’ll have new moms, great-grandmothers, single mothers, teenage moms, stay-at-home moms, working moms, moms who may have lost a child, and every other kind in between. Make sure that whatever you do, you’re honoring and encouraging all kinds of moms this Mother’s Day.

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