4 Ways to Thank Moms This Year

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mothersdayEach year, on the second weekend in May, we take a day to remember our moms. Since Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday, there is always pressure to incorporate thanking moms into your service. Thankfully, it’s not difficult to tell moms “thank you” for their hard work (certainly a lot easier than everything they do for us). Here are 4 easy ways to thank moms at your church this year.


Standing Ovation

Here’s a new take on the traditional Mother’s Day service act of having every mother stand. This year, why not have the rest of the congregation stand and give moms a standing ovation? It will give moms a chance to be recognized for everything they do, while not be singled out in front of the church.

Note: Sometimes churches attempt to recognize the newest mother or mother of the most children during the service. While some moms may be okay with being recognized individually, most seem to be more comfortable being recognized as a group during church services.


A Sweet Treat

While some churches choose to give a gift to each mother during the service, many moms prefer a gift straight from their kids. A sweet way to thank moms in your church is pass each child a flower or tin of chocolate to give to their mom after church. Your kids service can focus on the importance of moms and give the kids an easy way to thank her! If you need more kids ministry Mother’s Day ideas, be sure to check out this brand new curriculum by Playback Media!


Themed Service Media

Another great way to incorporate the celebration into your service is by using themed media.  There are many inexpensive collections that include countdowns, motion backgrounds and still backgrounds that you can use for announcements, worship, and sermon slides to thank moms. Here are just a few:





Mother’s Day Videos

One easy way to recognize mothers in your service is to use a Mother’s Day Video. There are many types of videos to choose from – here are some of my favorites.


Motherhood by Skit Guys Studios, shows what it means to be a mother in a silly and sweet story of a family.


In Her Steps is a simple, but touching video that follows the steps through a child’s life.


Titles of a Mother says “thank you” to moms through a diverse group of grandmothers, mothers, and children.

These a just a few of the outstanding Mother’s Day videos. Many producers put out some of their best work for this holiday, so I’d encourage you to check out the bestsellers on WorshipHouse to find one that best fits your church service. Many of them are also available in Spanish!


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