3 Fonts To Communicate Better

By April 1, 2015April 21st, 2015Communication


Every year there are popular trends that emerge in design that change the way we communicate. These trends make communication easier and clearer as we share the message of God to millions through different platforms including websites, handouts, and through lyrics or scriptures on a screen. However, it’s not just about the words we use… but the font we choose. (Did you see what we did there?) Some typefaces make us look edgy, some traditional, and some just make our slides easier to read, eliminating distraction as we share the message of God. And sometimes, the best new idea is to go back to an old idea.

Here are three typefaces that you need to start (re-)using now, not only to show that your church is cutting edge, but to better communicate your message.

comic_sansComic Sans

Made popular by elementary school teachers everywhere in the 80s, Comic Sans has been inspiring fun and lightheartedness for years. Their students have now grown up and they expect the fun and familiarity to follow them on their journey. Engage them right from the start by making your worship slides even more appealing and relevant to Generation X.


Nothing says cutting edge and “We’re Hip and Relevant” like redoing your sermon series and scripture slides in Papyrus. Giving it that traditional feeling of the Biblical days but staying current in the 21st century is how your Church can stay ahead of the curve! Don’t give Mediterranean restaurants and day spas an exclusive on this typeface. Take it back and remind people that our story was set in the East.


For youth ministry only! Am I right? Your kids will feel empowered, strengthened, and above reproach when you present the face of your ministry in the bold type of Impact! For extra credit, rename your Youth Ministry “IMPACT”, and say it with Impact. Blow their minds. Do you want to make a lasting impact? It’s in the name, y’all.

The silver-lining? All of these are virtually free because they’ve been on your computer since the beginning of time.