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Roadtrip! Gotta love it. I just got back from visiting friends in Nashville, TN. We went to 4 churches in Nashville and 2 on the way home in Memphis. 6 churches in 2 days! How’s that possible:

We went to 2 churches on Saturday night: Bellevue Community Church at 5:30pm and Bethel World Outreach Center at 7pm. Sunday morning I went to my best friend’s church, Mosaic Nashville, where he leads worship. Monday night we went to “The Loop” – which meets at Brentwood United Methodist. The Loop is a city-wide, non-denominational gathering of young adults – kind of like i55 here in Dallas and 7:22 in Atlanta – both of which meet on Tuesday nights.

Tuesday night we drove through Memphis on the way home to Dallas and stopped off to check out the famous Beale Street. We also stopped in at Germantown Baptist Church to visit with some of their media team, which make up Flashlight Films (one of the producers that WorshipHouse will sell). On the way out of Memphis we popped in to Bellvue Baptist Church where Adrian Rodgers has pastored for over 30 years; however they now have a new Senior Pastor.

Anyway – glad to be back home for a day! I leave tomorrow to go to South Carolina, where my mom is getting remarried. How cool is that?

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