Song Story and FREE Download: “Overcomes”


Song Story and FREE Download: “Overcomes”


To say that someone is an “overcomer” is to say that they are more powerful than the obstacle coming against them. When we say, “You’re the God who overcomes,” we’re proclaiming our belief that there’s nothing in Heaven or on Earth that can stop His intentions from becoming reality. In our lives, each day can seem to bring a new barrier: a failing relationship, a troubling diagnosis, chronic illness, broken marriage, falling into temptation… but none of these things are deal-breakers for our God. He says, “Give me your worst-case scenario: Death. I’ve already overcome it. And I can overcome your brokenness, too”. We sing “Overcomes” as a declaration of His character and as a reminder to our souls of who saves us.

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Crossroads Music is a collective of worship artists creating music to help their community and the Church connect with God in meaningful ways. Crossroads Music is a part of Crossroads Church, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The music they make and sing at expresses the human journey, from brokenness to wholeness, from seeking to finding, and from darkness to light. Their songs display the redemption and restoration of a loving God and the natural responses of gratefulness and worship. Crossroads Music’s hope is that these songs become not simply the soundtrack of day to day lives, but tools used to get and give God as much glory as they can. Recently named the fastest-growing and third-largest church in the country, the ​Crossroads Church community of 30,000 gathers in 13 locations in Ohio and Kentucky, along with Crossroads Anywhere, an online campus.