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Grounded in Him

This is a pretty weighty time of year. Hurricane Matthew just came through and did some significant damage to life and property. There’s also an election going on that is not exactly filling our souls with hope and life. The election is important and we need to do our part to make informed decisions, but it can weigh us down.

I’d like to encourage you to make sure you are filling your souls with hope by spending time with Jesus in His Word, prayer, worship, and fellowship. Then in turn, encourage your friends, staff, and pastors to do the same. We are all, yes even pastors, susceptible to getting distracted from our Savior in these heavy times. I’d like to encourage you to find your rest in him.

These two worship tracks are powerful and can help us keep our eyes on Jesus. Take a few minutes and worship Him with these songs now. Then, why don’t you share them with your friends and fellow staff? It could be exactly what they need to hear.


Jesus by Christ Tomlin


We Believe by The Newsboys

Also, here are some accompanying sermons for you to take a look at. These are powerful messages focusing on the hope that can be found in Jesus Christ alone. Even when we go through dark times, we can still fix our eyes on the one that gives everlasting hope.


Defending God by James Merritt


Victory Comes through the Valleys – by Ernest Easley

I hope these two worship songs and sermons bring us all back to our only source of our hope. When going through difficult seasons, what worship songs help you stay grounded in Jesus?

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