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FREE Church Media to Start the Summer off Right

The summer months are here! Pools are open, lawn mowers are running, and the grills are out! This leads me to a very important question: gas or charcoal? I will not state my opinion or preference in this matter, but the question is crucial. How we answer determines whether our burgers, hotdogs, vegetables, steaks, etc. will be infused with the wonderful complexities that only comes from white hot briquettes, or whether your food will be bland and flavorless. But again, I will take a neutral stance and not state my opinion on the matter here. That leads me to my next point, where I will freely state my opinion: free church media always makes people happy! Test me on this one. Send this article to a few of your church media loving friends and see if it doesn’t make them happy. We all love free church media, and I know you’ll love what we have for you this month.

Follow Us Cinemagraph by Journey Box Media

This cinemagraph encourages your community to follow you on all your social media channels. With your purchase, you will receive versions with and without text. Cinemagraphs bring still images to life, and are an eye-catching way to communicate necessary (but often, boring) information.

Scandal of Grace by Hillsong United

Here’s a crazy creative motion background that’s perfect for any service or event from Sword Point Productions!

Jesus Loves Me (Worship Motions) by God’s Kids Worship

“Mighty Worship Motions” brings you this fun, beat-blast re-do of the classic kids song. These exciting and groove-infused lyrics and worship motions will stick with your kids. The 2-color computer animated silhouette worship leader keeps the focus on the song & the motions, so kids will retain and recall this song everywhere they go. All kids voices, singing in a key that works for kids, at a tempo and length that will keep kids attention.

Fog Rays Blue Fast by Motion Worship

Glowing particles stream from a pink and blue sunburst with light rays shooting through fog. A high-energy background.

Washed Away Motion Background by Playback Media

Colorful blue ink flows over a white background. This is a great trendy background for anytime of year and is part of the Washed Away Collection.

Free Video Clip by Lightstock

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