FREE Church Media for December

FREE Church Media for December


Ok, ok, ok. I’ve got a question for you. Real tree or fake tree? Which is it for you and your family and friends? Some of you love to pay the extra money for a fake tree so that you have a few benefits over those real-tree believers: you have it when you want it, you don’t have to water it, no needles will fall to the floor, no vacuuming, no real worries about the tree tipping over, the branches never drop down, and you don’t have to figure out how to discard it once the season is over. Now, for those of you who enjoy getting a real tree every season, you have your own reasons why you prefer real over fake: you get to go out and choose this year’s unique tree, you get to keep it alive as long as possible by watering it, you enjoy the smell of a real tree, you enjoy seeing the needles fall to the floor, and you know the branches will eventually droop down adding character to the tree. The problem with both options, however, is that they both cost quite a bit of money: hundreds for the fake tree, and $50 or so for a real tree.

Well, I want to help you out a bit. In the midst of a season where we tend to buy lots of things including Christmas trees, I want to give you some FREE church media! We have some great specials going on, so I highly recommend looking over this list of freebies. And then be sure to pass along this list to your media loving friends!


Christian Biblical Illiteracy by Creative Media Solutions


Weekly Advent Freebie by Playback Media


LADS Collection: December Freebie by Big Big Productions


Majesty in a Manger by Greg Sykes


Free Video Clip – Lightstock