Things to Do Now to Prepare for Your Christmas Service

Things to Do Now to Prepare for Your Christmas…

cmb-preparing-for-christmas-now-1Several years ago, Scott Pharr wrote a tremendous article worth sharing again. This article focuses on the things that you can be doing right now to prepare for your Christmas Eve/Christmas morning services. Scott highlights 10 specific steps that you can be taking right now to be prepared for your services.

One particular point that stood out to me is when Scott mentions that while it is crucial to spend extra time planning for the Christmas services, we cannot neglect the services post-Christmas. This is a game changer because people tend to come out of the wood work for Christmas and Easter. So one thing to keep in mind is whether we are prepared for engaging with them after Christmas. These are 10 great points that are sure to get you thinking as we head towards Christmas day.

10 Things You Should Do Right Now to Prepare for Your Christmas Services