Stop Designing for Your Church

By May 9, 2014July 9th, 2020Leadership

Jonathan Bailey has written a great post on why you should stop designing for your church. Every bit of the article is good, but I particularly like the connection he makes to preaching.

If design isn’t your calling or passion then you should stop. If you don’t want to stop, then consider growing in your hobby because here’s the kicker… your designing is saying something about Jesus. It’s preaching.

I strongly believe that God has called all of us to serve and has given us gifts to do so, so we should all be participating in the life and ministry of our local churches… but the second part of that first statement – God has given us gifts – is vitally important.

So often we see someone eager to serve and we end up plugging them in somewhere that falls outside of their gifting. The guy on the worship team that can’t really stay in tune, the soundboard volunteer that has no ear for sound, the woman who makes the cookies each week and maybe uses salt instead of sugar, etc. It’s fantastic that these people want to serve and we should absolutely encourage them, but our role as leaders is to identify where people can best serve according to the gifts they’ve been given.

The post is fantastic. Take a few minutes and read it here.


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