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By January 25, 2016Leadership

Sunday after Sunday, the church doors swing open, the coffee table is set up, and the lights are dimmed for worship. A table of brochures and sign up sheets is set up at the back of the sanctuary for anyone wanting to serve in the church. Growing up in church, I sometimes have felt reluctant to write down my name and email address on the next blank line of a church ministry form. Am I good enough? I’ll just sit in my cushy, connector-pew seat and enjoy the show.

A show? Ok, I really don’t view church as a show. I believe I’m not alone, though, when it comes to my sentiment about getting involved in church. It is easy to look at the worship leaders, smiling greeters, and cheerful ushers like they walk around in the shiny white robes of Christ while my heart is wearing the dingy brown burlap of a sinner. Am I worthy to even be here among these other congregants?

One thing I have to keep in mind is that I need to stop comparing! I don’t have to have that perfect personality or stereotypical church volunteer persona. People appreciate honesty and not being fake. Jesus, our ultimate example of how to be, was real with people! He called others out for their sins, He spoke out about loving members of society that were rejected or hated, and He even flipped over tables when He was righteously angry. He showed His tender mercy at times and His sense of justice at other times. We are all created to be unique and just as Jesus has many facets, each person reflects different qualities of God.

The truth is, God would not have come to Earth as the God-man if there wasn’t a need for Him. Humanity is stained at birth and cannot live the life God intended without Christ being a part of its world. Every heart has a hole that needs to be filled and a longing that needs to be satisfied. The wonderful miracle that happens when you decide to serve God and He fills that void is awesome.

Even though you will not be perfect in all that you do, when you become a follower of Christ, God sees a shining light that you either choose to share or to hide from your neighbors. Matthew 5:15 says “No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house” (NLT). You might feel like a piece of rubbish rather than a beautifully carved masterpiece of God, but realize that God lights the fire. Let Him worry about what material you are made of and let Him refine you. Whether you are a meticulously woven wick or a simple broken branch, God can transform you into His shining fire. Don’t feel intimidated any longer – come as you are and let your light shine!

Samantha Villenave

Samantha_VillenaveSamantha lives in Richmond, VA with her husband and her beautiful boy. She is thrilled to be able to spend her time working with church media, customers, and Women’s Ministry leaders across the country.

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