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Host a Live Online Conference with Matt and Lauren Chandler

Have I got the perfect opportunity for you to share with you pastor and leadership team! On November 11, Matt and Lauren Chandler will be hosting a live, online dating conference, called The Mingling of Souls and your church can host the event! Matt and Lauren are going to be focusing on building healthy dating relationships. Topics they are going to cover include attraction, dating, purity and redemption. This is going to be a game changer for the teens in your church. Here are a few reasons why you should host this event at your church:

  1. Healthy dating relationships – If you have young people in your congregation, or those who are not so young but still single, then they can benefit from this event. Matt and Lauren are going to be focusing on building healthy dating relationships, covering everything from attraction, to courtship, to everything in-between. I know you know of people who could benefit from this event.
  2. Outreach – You can look at this in two ways. First you can look at the high schools in your area. You can post flyers, tell all the youth groups, and have all your youth invite their friends out for an exciting night at your church. I think kids would flock to this event! What a way to show the youth in your area that you care for them and are there for them if you need them. Secondly, as a parent of young kids, I want my kids to grow up with a solid foundation of what it means to follow Christ and not the world. So by getting the word out to families that this event is going on will spark a flame in parent’s hearts to bring their kids to this event.
  3. It’s Matt and Lauren Chandler! He and Lauren are going to knock this out of the park! And it’s live! Who knows what’s going to happen? Live is always a blast and I think it will be a great time.
  4. Outreach. Did I mention this one already? This is crucial. Don’t overlook the value of this point.

This is a great opportunity for the teens (and anyone for that matter) to sit under the teaching and wisdom of Matt and Lauren Chandler. Come on. Tell me that doesn’t sound like a great opportunity for you and your church. I knew you’d love the idea. So go ahead and talk to your leadership team and get this event on the calendar.

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