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By September 5, 2012July 8th, 2020Leadership

In one way or another, you’re probably involved in the “tech” ministry at your church. If you haven’t joined the network at, you’re truly missing a great opportunity to be served and to be connected to folks just like you. We absolutely LOVE the work that they’re doing. The following is a post from Bill Swaringim, a member of their leadership team and TechArts Director at The Crossing in St. Louis. Take a listen to his heart and join the movement!

Spend any time on Twitter or Facebook and you will undoubtedly be met with Instragram pictures of beautiful nature scenes, skylines and even some cute baby toes.  It is hard not to be amazed by God’s creativity.   Genesis 1:26 says Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature”.   Not only did they have the first ever brainstorming session, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit created together.

Yet, we try to work and create in isolation.  Too many times, church artists spend their time alone – creating video for the service, planning stage design, focusing lighting, or setting the stage.   Even if you are not physically alone, being misunderstood by leadership or clashing personalities can leave you feeling isolated.

We have a God created desire to share life and be connected with others.  Having that support, especially in ministry, is vital.   I have longed for a community that I could bounce ideas off of, experienced technicians that could speak to the effectiveness of gear, creatives from whom I could glean inspiration, ministry leaders that could share how they developed their ministry and volunteers.   A community where I could give back and contribute in the same ways.

Church Technical Leaders is a community of volunteer, part-time and full time church technical and media artists from across the country and around the globe.  This community thrives on fostering relationships amongst its members, facilitating peer learning, and encouraging synergy through the sharing of ideas while wrapping its arms around all serving the local church through the technical arts.

Church Technical Leaders is a resource that is helping change the dynamics of church technical and media ministries.  I invite you to check out and the resources that are developing there as well as join the online community.  The online community provides space for you to connect and engage in community – the way God has wired us.

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