Five Articles To Improve Your Leadership

By July 17, 2015July 9th, 2020Leadership

There is no shortage of articles on how to lead effectively in just about every situation imaginable. So here are 5 articles that can improve your leadership and how it can impact your ministry.

My Greatest Struggle: Delegating
4 Common Struggles To Delegating Effectively by Download Youth Ministry
Definitely one of my biggest struggles in leadership, whether in the office or in a ministry. “Just because you like doing something doesn’t mean you should be doing it. In fact there are items on your to-do list that would be better given to others.” This not only makes you more productive as a leadership team but it doubles or triples your bandwidth. Check out these 4 common struggles of delegating!
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Create ways for people to grow into leaders
How to Create a Leadership Factory by Joel A’Bell of Hillsong
Some churches have small groups or life groups while other churches have root groups, tribes, or home groups. No matter what the group is called “these groups create small communities of connection for people, in what could otherwise be a large anonymous body of people. They provide space for individuals to grow both personally and spiritually; amongst a group of likeminded, supportive, encouraging and trustworthy people.” Out of these groups, leaders will grow naturally and can be easily cultivated and change your ministry long term.
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Leaders build a healthy team
7 Common Elements of a Healthy Team by Ron Edmondson
These 7 elements are great reminders of what makes up a healthy team. The one that resonates with me the most is creating an atmosphere that celebrates each other’s wins. “People need to feel appreciated for their work and that their participation is making a positive difference.”
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Sometimes, you have to lead yourself
Leading Yourself Well Through Tough Ministry Seasons by Orange Leaders
Here are 5 ways to lead yourself through the tough times of ministry. Number one on the list for me is finding the ultimate vision again. “When the vision is not clear, it is easy to mix up your priorities allowing arguments, conflicts, and other difficulties to take the spotlight. A clear vision can help you focus on what’s important.”
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You won’t always be perfect, and that’s ok.
Sometimes you don’t do everything right or sometimes you wake up to a massive train wreck that only you created. It’s okay, you aren’t perfect and showing your imperfections, humbly owning up to them, and “failing forward” are qualities that every leader must have.

Here are 2 of my favorite leadership fails from amazing worship leaders and how they handle honest and potentially embarrassing mistakes.

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