Can Rejection Be a Good Thing?

Can Rejection Be a Good Thing?

rejectionWe’ve all experienced rejection before, and it’s never a pretty event. Whether you had a tremendous idea for your church, family, or business that was rejected, it can be a painful experience. It always results in hurt feelings, shattered dreams, and doubt. But after some time passes, conversations ensue, and clarity starts to set in. Somehow, it feels as though we can cope a better with the situation. To help speed that difficult process along, I found an article from Church Technical Leaders that I want to share with you. The article is written by Tim Cain, the Production Manager of Forest Hill Church in North Carolina. In this article, Tim helps us to see the truth behind rejection and practical ideas of how to deal with those times that we or our ideas are rejected.

Here’s a quote I particularly enjoyed:

Looking back to our friend King Solomon in Ecclesiastes, we can see a truth that we as ‘creatives’ often forget. There are no new ideas! Our way is not always the best way. If everything has been done before, then we should take the opportunity to learn from others and share the load with others. Galatians 6:2 tells us that clearly.

Enjoy the article, and let me know what you think!

Rejection is God’s Protection by Tim Cain