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By September 8, 2014Leadership

We’re really excited about Jonathan Malm’s new book, just released in paperback and e-book. Created for More is a thirty-day guide that inspires the reader to become a better creative, all the while staying focused on pursuing the Creator. You can read an excerpt here:


Be Curious

Thought for the day: Curiosity killed the cat. But it’s worth the risk.

Spiritual Development

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing; But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.

Proverbs 25:2 (ASV)

I’m fascinated by olives. They’re such an important fruit in the Bible and in all of history. The tree’s wood, the fruit’s oil…all very important. But did you know the olive by itself is extremely bitter? It’s unpalatable.

It’s only through the fermenting and curing of the olive that it becomes the tasty treat so many enjoy today.

Who was the first person to eat a raw olive, then experiment with it to discover how it could taste good? How did he decide to rinse the fruit excessively then stick it in salt water for a couple days?

It had to be someone very curious.

Look at the passage above. I love it. It almost shows a hide-and-seek playing God. He delights in hiding things for us to discover. God wants us to be curious.

He created an enormous universe for us to explore. Then He gave us the intellect and resources to do just that! And we’ll never fully understand the universe. We aren’t even close to understanding our own planet – the depths of the sea, the make up of our core.

This tells me one big thing about God: He isn’t threatened by our questions. He wants us to explore and ponder – to challenge and question.

Christianity isn’t meant to be a blind faith. Obviously we will never have all the answers – just like science will never have all the answers. But we also shouldn’t be afraid to delve into and test our faith. It does hold up to God-fearing scrutiny.

The world needs more curious Christians – Christians willing to explore their faith. We need to be delving into the mysteries of God and His Word. There’s more than just history and pithy proverbs inside. There are stories and mysteries that rival J.J. Abram’s greatest masterpiece.

So I encourage you. Be curious about your faith.

Prayer Starter

I’m so glad I don’t have to check my brain at the door when it comes to my faith. Thank you God that You aren’t threatened when I ask questions and search for You. I pray that you’d put a God-fearing curiosity in me that searches out the matters You’ve concealed for Your own glory. Help me to have faith in you when those matters are beyond my comprehension.

Change the Way You Think

They say curiosity killed the cat. But I say it’s worth the risk. Just like the world needs curious Christians, the world needs curious artists.

Curiosity is necessary to the creative process. It’s the voice that asks, “What if?” It’s the voice that helped humanity build the first airplane, discover electricity, and brew our first cup of coffee. What if is very necessary.

Too often, the what if attitude is considered inefficient and impractical. Teachers, loan officers, and even parents can discourage you from curiosity.

Unlearn those bad habits. Renew and foster that curiosity inside you. It will make your work better and will ultimately lead to a better world. Let’s be a world full of the curious!


Come up with a really bad idea. Then start exploring at least three ways that bad idea could actually be a good idea. (You might want to use the appendix at the end of this book for ideas.)

Example: Speed limit signs that change the speed limit randomly. How that could be good:

  1. They could adjust themselves to driving patterns. They could raise the limit for slow drivers and lower the limit for fast drivers. It would make everyone drive the same.
  2. They could change depending on the time of day.
  3. People would notice the signs more.

This is a silly exercise, but it will get your curiosity flowing. Once you’re done with the exercise, don’t stop there. Keep that curiosity flowing through all your projects.

Parts of this article have been excerpted from Created for More by Jonathan Malm. Used with permission from Moody Publishers © 2014.


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