4 Influencers to Know

By September 25, 2015July 9th, 2020Leadership

So we thought it would be fun to highlight 4 influencers that are really making waves.   We find that leadership is essential to church culture, regardless of title, pay, and age—we all have an opportunity to lead and more importantly learn from other leaders.

Jeanne Stevens Chicago, IL: Jeanne Stevens is a co-pastor at Soul City Church in Chicago, Il. Jeanne finds her passion in developing leaders and encouraging them to be their fullest self. Jeanne has spoken at multiple conferences and shares teaching responsibilities at Soul City Church.

Twitter: @jeannemstevens

Andrew Mook Providence, RI: Andrew is a pastor of Sanctuary Covenant, a three-year-old church plant in Providence, Ri. Sanctuary is seeing incredible transformation happen in Providence due to the leadership of Andrew and their ability to mix liturgy with creative elements of post-modernism.

Twitter: @AndrewMook

Nicole Unice Richmond, VA: Nicole is a full-time author and Ministry Director at Hope Church in Richmond, Va. Nicole has most recently published Brave Enough, a book that challenges readers to move beyond places of fear and towards a life God has created you for.

Twitter: @NicoleUnice

Cole NeSmith Orlando, FL: Cole is the Creative Director at City Beautiful Church in Orlando, Florida and he is the Founder and President of Uncover the Color, a creative collective that seeks to move people deeper into themes and concepts through experiential art installations. Cole has recently authored a book, Spiritual Innovation, which can be found on Amazon and the link given.

Twitter: @ColeNeSmith

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