ProPresenter 6 Features And Awesomeness

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ProPresenter 6 is packed with new features that allow you to assemble presentations faster, fill them with more detail, and run them more smoothly.

Assemble Quickly

Continuous Saving
Never worry about losing content due to a frozen computer or shutting down the program. ProPresenter 6 automatically saves your content as you work, so you don’t lose content.

A great organizational feature is the tag function with video bins. Often there are many motion backgrounds to choose from when organizing the service and it’s difficult to find the background you want for the presentation. With this feature, you can tag videos that are green as “green” and just click the “green” tag in the bin to see all your green videos. It’s not just for colors though – you can make tags for nature, holidays, bokeh or anything else you’d like!

Native Headers
Now, you can create headers for your playlists within ProPresenter to help you organize your service. In the past, these playlist headers could only be imported via Planning Center Online.

Add More Detail

Since your presentation is quickly assembled due to these new organizational features, you can use the extra time to add more detail for a more dynamic service!

Engaging Announcements
For church announcement slides, you can now add transitions to each individual slide element. To help draw interest, you can time when certain words come on the screen and switch which transition you use for each image and word group! There are plenty of transitions to keep things exciting for each announcement.

The Cue Palette
The Cue Palette allows you to add cues to individual slides within your presentation by just dragging and dropping on the slide. There are cues to change the stage display, start or stop timers, turn on video or audio, or clear any or all types of layers that are currently being displayed.

Looping and Editing
Not only can you now crop images directly in ProPresenter but you can use their new soft loop feature to loop non-loopable videos more smoothly!

Run Smoothly

Speaking of things being smooth, one of the best new features is for churches utilizing Stage Display. You can now group playlists and set a different stage display layout for each part of your service. Also, by just hovering over the preview panel, you can click over to a stage display view of you service. This way, you know exactly what the people on stage are seeing in real time!

The Telestrator (Not a character from Transformers)
Another major upgrade is Telestrator. Telestrator allows you to draw on top of any slide in a variety of colors using the pen tool, circle tool, or laser pointer to help explain maps or pictures, or underline key words. With the ProRemote feature, the speaker can actually do this from stage!

The Social Stage
In the past, ProPresenter allowed you to integrate Twitter feeds into your presentation. Now, using the same search field you can search both Twitter and Instagram for results.

Calling All Parents
The nursery call feature has now also been improved to allow remote users (such as nursery workers) to submit messages to the ProPresenter operator to approve and display.

These features, along with the upgraded video engine, will create seamless worship service for your church.

For more information about the software check out WorshipHouse Media’s software page.

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