9 Things You Didn’t Know about ProPresenter

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ProPresenter is a powerful media presentation program designed to create impactful worship presentations. Many of you have been using this software for years, while others may be brand new. Either way, it’s always fun to learn some new and useful tricks when using the software. So here is a list of 9 things you didn’t know about ProPresenter.

  1. Ability to Resize the Screen

Not all projections screens are the same size. If your screen does not fit the default output size in the presentation, then no worries. You are able to right click on the output screen and choose a size that best fits your screen. (page 74 of manual)

  1. Confidence Monitor

We all know the power of ProPresenter and the quality of presentations that can be created through its use. But, did you know that you can have confidence monitors to share information with people other than the congregation? You can have a monitor on stage or in the back of the sanctuary that shows the lyrics or announcements for those on stage. You can even have a screen in the green room to keep people in touch with what is going on during service. This is a powerful side of ProPresenter that can be put to good use. (page 106 of manual)

  1. ProPresenter Can Be Run through a Remote App

What if you are helping out with another ministry and your tech person got stuck behind a herd of sheep? Hey, you never know. Well, you can run the software from your iOS or Android device to help deliver a seamless service…even in KidsMin! (Pesky sheep.) Download ProPresenter Remote

  1. Information Overlay

We may be familiar with this one, but do not take it for granted. When you drop your children off in children’s ministry they are assigned a security number. This number is important. Because when little Johnny decides that he needs to throw-up his morning’s breakfast of chocolate milk and Lucky Charms, the nursery is going to need a way to contact you while you’re in service. Now would you rather see a number pop up in the lower right hand corner of the screen, or a message “Little Johnny has thrown-up and chocolate milk and Lucky Charms are everywhere. Please come get your kid.”? That’s right, I’d rather see a number. So use this feature and teach the parents to look for the security numbers or else their kid’s name will go up next…you can do that too. (page 96 of manual)

  1. Label Parts of a Song

We all know the worship leaders who like to deviate from their prepared arrangement of a particular song (I am one of them). We create our plans, give them to the producer, and ProPresenter is setup to flow seamlessly in the order given. But low and behold, the worship leader wants to go back to the bridge, and then maybe to verse 2, and oh look…the worship leader is still not done…they want to repeat the entire song! If that happens, then no worries. With ProPresenter, you can label the verses, the bridge, the chorus, the tag, etc. That way, once it’s entered, there is no need to worry if a new person can figure it out and follow the worship leader…because everything is labeled. (page 17 of manual)

  1. Assign Hot Keys to Slides

And then, for really enthusiastic worship leaders, it’s good to assign a hotkey to each part of the song. That way, it just doesn’t matter what or where they want to go. Let them roll. You just hit the key that will follow along with them and no one will know the better. (page 17 of manual)

  1. Utilize Social Sites

Did you KNOW? This is great. Wait for this one…ok…ready? You can set up ProPresenter to pull in specific tweets or photos from instagram using a unique hashtag for your service, conference, or event. That’s right. Do you want people to live tweet during a service? Just tell them to tweet something and include (for example) #mypastorrocks and then the media team can approve it and the tweet or instagram will show on the screen. You could even use this for doing a live poll during your event. Give it a shot! (page 110 of manual)

  1. Volume Normalization for SoundTracks

If you use multiple audio or video song tracks, you can normalize the sound across all the tracks to keep from having to adjust the volume across the tracks during live events. (page 75 of manual)

  1. Buy and Import Media

You can buy and import media directly from ProPresenter. By going to the store page, you are able to buy that last minute slide, mini movie, or motion background, download it, and set it up in ProPresenter. It’s easy as apple pie! So no worries, if you or a leader have a different idea at the last minute, ProPresenter has you covered. (page 4 of manual)
So there you have it, 9 things that you did not know about ProPresenter. Did you know all of those? What are your favorite tips and tricks with ProPresenter?

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