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ProPresenter makes the display of Instagram and Twitter feeds extremely easy. Even better, you can approve each item before it shows on the screen to avoid any awkward moments. This tutorial shows how to use this powerful function.

ProPresenter 6 includes the ability to search for and display results from Twitter and Instagram directly through the program. You can search by keywords or hashtags and moderate which results are shown on screen. To open the Social Media module, click on the Social Media button in the toolbar, select it from the View menu, or press Control + Shift + W. To begin, login to your Twitter or Instagram accounts.

Then you can begin searching for tweets to show on screen. You can search for a keyword or by using a hashtag. There are a few general options for the Social Media module.

Auto Approve Results will approve all results immediately for display. It does not require manual moderation of what appears on screen.

Auto Remove on Show will show an item once and then remove it from the list to be shown. If this box is not checked, an item will continue to be shown, in rotation with the others, until it is manually removed.

Save Approved Items allows approved items to persist even if ProPresenter is restarted.

Highlight Hashtags/Users allows hashtags or usernames to be highlighted in a different font color from the rest of the text.

There are also a few options for each of the Social Media Services.

For Twitter:
Include Historical Search allows older results to be searched and used. If you have authorized ProPresenter to access your Twitter account, the results will be updated in real-time.

Checking Ignore Retweets will ignore tweets using the new retweet styling as well as messages that start with “RT”.

Checking Ignore Links will ignore tweets that contain a URL.

For Instagram:
Checking Refresh Search Automatically will update the search results at a specified time so you continue to see the most recent results.

Once you have search results available you can remove results, ignore them, or approve them. Clicking the X will remove a results if it isn’t relevant or you don’t want to see it, and clicking the check will approve the content. Approved content is moved to the column on the right and go into the display rotation.

As with slides and media, you can also set a transition for your approved content. Click the transition menu in the top-right corner and pick from any of the available transitions; these work just like slide transitions.

Once you have approved content, you can set the Slide Duration to be up to 60 seconds long before the next item is shown. If you need to clear the list of approved tweets, click the Clear Approved button. The formatting of individual content is handled by templates. Several templates are included with ProPresenter 6. Individual templates can be set for Twitter and Instagram content, and the correct template will be used when displaying the relevant content.


Instructions from ProPresenter manual

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