Using the Cue Palette in ProPresenter 6

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The Cue palette allows you to make multiple things happen when a slide is clicked. This is particularly helpful when setting up a loop of slides for something like announcements. You can also start a countdown, change the stage display, and show a new background all with one click. The Cue palette gives you powerful yet flexible options to customize each cue to fit your needs. This tutorial shows you how it works.

In ProPresenter 6, almost everything action can be added as a cue on a slide. The Cue Palette makes it easy to see these cues in one place, and it can be opened by rightclicking on any slide and selecting Add Cue > Communication Cue > Cue Palette.

Clear Cues allow a slide to clear a different slide layer. These function the same way as clicking one of the Clear buttons at the top left side of the toolbar.

Media Cues allow you to quickly add a Video, Image, Audio or Live Video cue to a slide.

Stage Display cues allow you to change to a pre-defined layout on the Stage Display. For example, at the beginning of a song, you could select the “Song” layout, but at the beginning of a teaching, you could select the “Teaching” layout.

MultiScreen cues allow you to change to a pre-defined MultiScreen layout.

Timer cues allow a slide to perform a specific action for any timer. The options are Start Timer, Stop Timer, Reset Timer, and Reset and Start Timer Communication module cues can be added by right-clicking on a slide and selecting Add Cue > Communication Cue.


Instructions from ProPresenter manual

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