Annotate Slides in Real Time with Telestrator in ProPresenter 6

By October 26, 2016July 7th, 2020ProPresenter Tutorials

The telestrator function of ProPresenter 6 gives you the ability to annotate slides in real-time during a presentation. This tutorial shows how you can use this powerful tool effectively (not just for football video playback). Some possibilities include drawing on maps, underlining Scripture, or creating a freehand drawing.

This handy new feature allows you to draw on top of your live output in real time using any of 4 “tools”. Using the pen tool, you can sketch any freehand drawing or you can use the circle tool to make quick, perfect circles. The spot tool draws focus to a particular part of the screen inside of a circle, and the laser tool functions like a laser pointer, allowing you to virtually “point” to anything on the screen.

The tools, their size, and their color, can be quickly selected from the menu bar at the top of the Telestrator.

With the Telestrator app for iPad, you can allow anyone to draw on the screen remotely, too. Connecting wirelessly, you can see the live output from ProPresenter and draw in real time.


Instructions from ProPresenter manual

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