Adjusting ProPresenter 6 for Screen Size: Corner Pinning

By October 29, 2016July 7th, 2020ProPresenter Tutorials

Are you having trouble aligning your projectors ideally for a screen? ProPresenter 6 has corner pinning tools to assist you in correcting for this scenario. Watch this super short tutorial to find out how.

Corner Pinning allows you to adjust each corner of the output independently. ProPresenter will also calculate the distortion and adjusts the image accordingly. This is useful if you need to make adjustments that aren’t available in your projector. If your projector has the controls to adjust each corner, use those settings instead. Clicking Reset will undo all of your adjustments.

You can toggle Corner Pinning on and off with the check box next to the button on the main Display preference panel.


Instructions from ProPresenter manual

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