How to Add Logos and Lower Third Text in ProPresenter 6

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The Props layer in ProPresenter is useful for persistent objects that you want to appear above the other content within ProPresenter. This tutorial walks you through how to use them effectively for your organization’s logo or lower third messages during a service.

The Props Layer actually contains two different elements. There is a feature in ProPresenter called Props that can be used to add text or images over top of your content, like a TV channel logo. Messages are also shown on the Props Layer.

Props make it easy to leave items on screen for an extended time, but are also easy to clear at any time. Some common uses for props may be a lower-third graphic, a logo bug (a “bug” is a broadcast term for a small graphic in the corner), or other persistent graphic that you want to leave on screen.

A prop can remain on screen for just one slide, multiple slides, or for the entire presentation. This layer is independent of other layers allowing props to be triggered at any moment. Props adhere to transparency settings for those graphic formats that support them (.PNG stills or animation videos with an alpha channel).

To activate a prop, click on the prop thumbnail. You can clear individual props by clicking on the prop’s name in the toolbar. If you want to clear all of the props at once, add the Clear Props button to the toolbar and use that. The Clear Props button is not included in the default toolbar.

If you want to change the Props module to a floating window, click on the icon in the top-right corner. To return it to a docked position, click on the same corner again.

The first button in the lower-left corner is the Edit button. Clicking on this will open the Props Editor where you can create as many props as you need. The second button allows you to set transitions for the Props. The slider in the lower-right corner changes the size of the thumbnails.


Instructions from ProPresenter manual

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