Praise-culus Rift Is Here!

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That’s right. I bet you thought you were going to get a traditional Flashback Friday post. Well not today! Today we are featuring our newest product, Praise-culus Rift!

You’ve been searching high and low for that total immersion worship experience but just didn’t know how to get to that next level. Well, again, here at the Church Media Blog, we’ve got you covered. Just released today, these virtual reality goggles will help your congregation dive into worship like never before. Just purchase a pair of these goggles for each of your church members to experience worship in a new light. And don’t forget to include one of our highly sought after packages:

Lite Package

Our Lite package will allow everyone who has a pair of goggles to see the words of your worship music jump off the page. You’ll see your congregation get involved in worship like never before (as they raise their hands to try to dodge the words coming at them).

Standard Package

Our Standard package will not only put the words of the music right before your eyes, but will allow your church to experience worship from the band’s perspective! That’s right, this package will allow your people to virtually be on stage with the band and see what leading worship is all about. Please discourage stage diving.

Heavenly Package

Our top package, which we like to call our Heavenly package, provides a total immersion experience like never before seen or heard. Here are a few of the experiences your church can have:

  • Take your church back to creation when God created the cosmos out of nothing. Planets will zing by your head as you walk among the stars. Be sure to duck.
  • Bring your congregants on the ark and walk with Noah and the animals. P. U. Stinky.
  • We’ve also included “Walk Among the Lions” where you can stand side by side with Daniel in the lion’s den. Whoa. Scary.
  • Do you want to see Jericho fall with a mighty shout? You can now with “Joshua.” But look out, those blocks that make up the walls are heavy.
  • When you take your church out on the water to walk like Peter, be sure to bring a towel because if you take your eyes off Jesus…well…you may get wet.

Alright everyone. Be sure to pick up your own pair of Praise-culus Rift goggles and help make your worship experience a virtual reality. And Happy April Fool’s Day from everyone at the Church Media Blog.

Cory Mansfield

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