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In my experience, the difference between success and failure in video production is mostly contingent on three things: Passion, Patience and Resources. Wait! Don’t stop reading! Stay with me… this series won’t be as generic and intangible as the first sentence implies. In fact, we’ll take a look at some ridiculously cool resources as well as actionable items that can take your production work to a new level. Even if you’re an experienced video producer, revisiting some of these concepts and resources can lead to exciting improvements in the quality of your work.

So, as I was saying, Passion, Patience and Resources. In each of the three posts in this series, we’ll explore a “Video Production Essentials” and how it can be utilized to improve your workflow and deliverables. Let’s start by taking a gander at what I consider the most critical of the three: PASSION!


If you’re reading this post then it’s likely that you’re, at least on some level, passionate about creating church media. You may be thinking to yourself “Passion, check. I’ve got that.” But I’d like to challenge you to look a little deeper than your current level of excitement for church media. I’m encouraging you to find, and then tap into a higher baseline of energy that you can bring to each project you undertake.

Think for a moment about the time in your life when you’ve been most excited to be involved in video production. What was it about that project, or group you worked with, or your personal situation that made you so passionate about content creation? What was your mindset like? What did you enjoy most about the end product(s)? Searching for answers to questions like these is the first step in identifying how to further tap into your creative potential and gain fulfillment from your work. You see, passion fuels creativity, plain and simple. If you’re able to identify and channel the same type of passion you had during your most enthusiastic phase, you’ll find that you’ll approach projects and respond to challenges more creatively. It’s easier said that done, but try injecting that same type of energy into each project you take on going forward.


Passion and creativity don’t always have to start internally; many times they can be cultivated from the inspiring things and people around us. Has a scripture or an orator or movie or sunset or an exhibit ever sparked inspiration in your work? If so, try to identify what it was about that person, place or thing that got your creative juices flowing? If not, try looking closer at the beauty of the world around you and how you can incorporate it into your video production.

Another way to find sources of inspiration is to simply browse the internet. Viewing the work of top producers is a great place to start! Also try searching for passionate speakers or artists that can reinvigorate your approach to work. A video that has had an exciting impact on my commitment to success is this inspirational speech by Eric Thomas, AKA “the Hip Hop Preacher”.

Reading daily inspirational emails and blogs is another way to inject passion back into your work. I’ve found some great advice about motivation and tapping into potential on the Mark & Angel Hack Life newsletter. If you’re in a leadership role and are looking to instill passion in your team, check out the leadership development section of There are countless sources of inspiration on the interwebs.


Whatever the source, whether it be internal or external, make sure you’re tapping into it regularly. To engage our audiences in creative ways and inspire others with our work, we must first inject our own passion into the projects that we undertake. Challenge yourself to work as inspired and as passionate on every project as you have during your most productive, invigorating times. Also try finding inspiration in the world around you and the extensive online community of fellow artists.

Jason Satterwhite

Jason is a motion graphics artist who produces content for Animated Praise and Playback Media. He’s recently migrated to Richmond, Virginia with his wife and newborn daughter. In his free time Jason loves to watch sports, create digital artwork and hang with family and friends.

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