Top 5 ProPresenter Tutorials This Month

By March 19, 2018January 15th, 2020Church Media

ProPresenter tutorials are a hot item. And it makes sense. ProPresenter is a powerful tool with a ton of options to help with our services. But as we all know, ProPresenter runs deep. Real deep! So tutorials are a great way to make sure we are getting the most out of this tool. If you click here, you will find 29 tutorials for ProPresenter 6. These are incredible resources designed to help you navigate ProPresenter in such a way that you master not only the basics of the software, but other, more in-depth components as well. For the past month, thousands of users have been checking out these tutorials. Here are the top 5:

Importing, Exporting, and Recording with ProPresenter 6

ProPresenter offers a multitude of ways to bring in and share content. Some of these include outputting recordings, saving a document as images, importing and exporting documents, and using the playlist. Find out how to use each of these features in this tutorial.

Edit Slides in ProPresenter Using the Advanced Slide Editor

If you haven’t used ProPresenter before, or if you’re interested in more advanced features, this tutorial is an excellent starting point. You will learn everything from creating simple slides for worship to making specific elements in a slide come onto the screen at different times for announcements.

Creating Countdowns, Clocks, & Timers in ProPresenter 6

Yay! There is now the freedom to use as many clocks and timers as you’d like in ProPresenter 6. But how do you harness all that extra power to do something productive?

Three Ways To Import Song Lyrics into ProPresenter 6

Quick! Tell me three ways to import song lyrics into ProPresenter 6! If you can’t name all three, try watching this tutorial on creating presentations with song lyrics in ProPresenter 6. These tips on importing lyrics are fast, easy, and will save you tons of time and prevent potential typos too. Watch or read on!

How to Stream Live Video with ProPresenter 6

Do you want to use ProPresenter to stream live video? Do you also want to display song lyrics over your live video? Great news! Once your hardware is in place, it’s easy to do. This tutorial explains how to set up your live video feed with ProPresenter and how to add graphics as an overlay.

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