SALT Conference

By September 2, 2014July 9th, 2020Church Media

I had the privilege of being involved in last year’s first-ever SALT Conference in Nashville. I’ve been to a number of conferences over the last few years and they’ve all been excellent. There are a couple of things that stood out to me about SALT: the event served the visual worship individual and the visual worship community in a really unique way.

The Individual
Many conferences provide excellent training and resource demos that can build attendees’ skills, but SALT seemed to care more about building visual worship leaders as people. I have been to few other conferences that cared as much about the spiritual needs of the people being served as SALT. If you’re looking for a place to not only learn new things, but also for a place where you can be refreshed and grow as a person, this is the one for you.

The Community
SALT is not interested, however, in building individuals in isolation. Rather, Luke McElroy and the conference organizers take special care to make sure that a sense of deep community is being fostered. When at SALT, you get a real sense that all of a sudden everyone is looking around thinking: “Everyone in here is going through the same struggles and doing the same work as I am.” There’s a real freedom in that acknowledgment. You’re not the odd one out on your church staff – these people get you. And there’s ample space provided for the visual worship community to connect and forge valuable friendships. I recently talked with Luke about the visual worship community and the heart of his work & ministry. This interview will give you a taste of what you’ll experience at SALT.

At Salem Church Products, we take a lot of care to find conferences not just to sponsor, but to really invest in. In other words, our participation in a conference is not just a marketing expense, but it’s a signal that we believe the good work the conference is doing to serve the church aligns with our own mission to serve pastors and church leaders. We’re really honored to be participating in SALT, and we’d love to see you there. Register for SALT this week before rates increase and be sure to stop by our WorshipHouse Media and SermonSpice booth at the event.


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