Our 7 Best Church Communications & Media Blog Posts of 2016

By January 6, 2017July 8th, 2020Church Media

Are you planning on giving your church’s media and communications ministries a new start in 2017? Kickstart the year with some of 2016’s best tips and ideas on church social media, communications, media, and software with the top posts from our blog. We are always looking for the latest and greatest ideas to help churches communicate better, but some ideas work no matter when you try them. We covered topics from picking and learning to set up worship presentation software to ideas for worship & youth ministry to marketing events and using social media. Get inspired to communicate better with your community in the coming year with these ideas! 

How to Pick the Right Worship Presentation Software – An Infographic

There are tons of options for worship presentation software, but what is the best one for your media team? We can all agree that PowerPoint, while the pioneer in presentation software, is now a cumbersome tool when displaying worship graphics. There are many other options that now exist that give you more flexibility when the worship team starts singing a different verse than originally planned and allows you to do some pretty amazing things with graphics and video. This infographic gives you all the details you need to choose the right option for your team. 

ProPresenter 6 Features And Awesomeness

ProPresenter 6 has been out for awhile but it’s still has tons of features that will make your media look amazing every Sunday. Check out this article for a review of features you may need a refresher on and features that you may have missed. 

9 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about EasyWorship

Do you use EasyWorship at your church? Here are some hacks to help you get the most out of the software or help you decide if EasyWorship is right for your team. 

Top 7 Worship Tracks of All Time

Here is a list of the classics – the original songs that took worship music to where it is today. Chances are it’s been years since you’ve heard these worship songs or sang them in your church. But take a few minutes to listen to them again in a new way. Their lyrics are no less powerful today than when they were released. 

Keeping Youth Engaged In Worship

Teenagers love to have fun with their friends. They’ll get excited about sharing the best selfie on Snapchat. But do you have a hard time getting them to rise to that same level of excitement about worship? Here are some tips to get the youth in your church engaged and excited to worship. 

Top Mistakes You’re Making in Marketing Your Church Events

Getting your church to attend events outside of Sunday morning services can be challenging. Here are some mistakes you may be making that’s keeping them away. Read this post to learn how to overcome these mistakes and have record attendance at your special events. 

Instagram and Uber: Lessons on Changes from the Giants

No one likes change. And as a church leader, you probably know that making changes in a church is often met with resistance. But sometimes change is good and challenges us. Learn how to overcome these challenges with lessons from giants like Instagram and Uber. 

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