5 Reasons Why Pastors Use Bumper Videos

By July 27, 2021Church Media

Have you ever wondered why some pastors use bumper videos before the message at worship services? Maybe you are a pastor and you’re wondering about the benefits of using bumper videos yourself, or maybe you would even like some ideas on how your church could implement bumper videos in your worship services! Here’s some good news: it’s easier than you think!

Many of us have been to large churches that seemed to have everything figured out when it comes to worship media, church production, and other “aesthetics” of a public church gathering. But the lesser-known fact is, you don’t have to have tons of resources, production, or experience with technology to take advantage of engaging tools like sermon bumper videos. Media elements like bumper videos for your services are within reach for you and your church!

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why pastors use bumper videos, and how they can enhance your worship service.

1) Bumper videos create a smooth transition from other elements of the worship service into the message.

This one may sound really practical and not so spiritual, but it is one simple and honest reason why some pastors like to use bumper videos before their sermons. The transition between a dynamic worship set or especially something like announcements or church business directly into the sermon can sometimes be a little awkward.

Sometimes awkwardness is perfectly okay. After all, pointing people to Jesus is the main thing, not production value. And sometimes, it just makes sense for the musical worship to naturally transition into the message. But other times, there may be a gap that can be filled and actually utilized to enhance the service. If we can use tools like bumper videos to be BETTER at pointing people to Jesus, we should do it!

An excellent experience for those attending the worship service is a great thing. Smooth transitions remove distractions so worshippers can fully participate in the service and be immersed in the goodness of the Lord that’s being sung and preached about.

2) Bumper videos can set the tone for the message before the pastor ever steps onto the platform.

Now let’s get to the HEART of why pastors might want to use bumper videos. If pastors were painters, they’d be trying to start with a blank canvas to paint an entire picture that people could fully understand and appreciate, in a very short amount of time. Pastors need to maximize the time they have (usually within a close to one-hour worship service) to get people’s attention, show them something beautiful, and guide them to respond to what they’ve seen.

Bumper videos can be beautiful kickstarters to help subtly frame out the canvas before the pastor begins to speak. They offer content that will inspire listeners and prepare them for what they’re about to hear– whether it’s a light-hearted and energetic bumper video to get folks excited, or a more dramatic bumper video to set the tone for a powerful and thought-provoking teaching time. The goal is to create curiosity and energy around a topic or even the entire sermon series that will get people’s attention.

3) A video illustration can easily draw people into the topic the pastor is trying to communicate in their message.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… So how many words is a one-minute bumper video worth? You can decide for yourself, but it’s safe to say that the use of sermon bumper videos on specific sermon topics, sermon series’, or scripture passages can very quickly make a point.

There’s a reason people are so moved by movies and other video media. Video is a powerful tool that engages the senses. That means the church can properly harness visual media to express the power of God’s Word, the depth of His love, and the truth of the gospel.

The key is to engage the minds and hearts of those attending the worship service so they are ready to go deeper and be more impacted by the worship time and the pastor’s message. Utilizing bumper videos is one small way we can help them remember the worship service they experienced and carry it into their lives outside of church!

4) Pastors need time to get acclimated to the moment too!

The value of using bumper videos for creating smooth transitions within the worship gathering is well established. It serves those attending the service very well, but behind the scenes, having a bumper video during a transition can be a great comfort for the pastor who is about to take the platform to speak. There’s a lot of things pastors have to do to get ready to address the church that people may not think about!

Bumper videos can provide precious time for the pastor to get in place on the stage, pull up notes on an iPad or phone (or paper, that’s still a thing!), turn their Bible to the week’s scripture, and just take a deep breath before greeting the congregation.

Not to mention, if there’s movement involved with the worship team exiting the stage or a podium being put in place, etc. then using a bumper video is a perfect way to make use of the time. It will keep folks engaged instead of allowing them to zone out while the stage is being shuffled around.

5) Bumper videos can be used as a simple reminder of the vision the pastor would like to cast for the church.

While many sermon bumper videos are typically used before the message part of the service, there are also generic bumper videos for church and worship bumper videos that work great at the beginning of the worship gathering. (Or just about any other time in the service). When used in combination with a worship countdown video, a bumper video at the beginning of the service can cue folks that things are starting and set the tone for the service at the same time.

These short videos may be anywhere from fifteen seconds to a few minutes in length and can be used to display or remind folks of the church’s vision and key values. Think about creating or purchasing a simple bumper video as a statement about what the church has gathered to do. For example– to worship, share in God’s love, and serve the community. Bumper videos and worship graphics are great ways to consistently communicate these core values and reinforce them in addition to the verbal communication of the pastor and those in leadership on the platform every week.

Plus, if you have a church live stream, bumper videos can be shown there too. What an easy way to quickly communicate the things that are important to the church for anyone watching the live stream.

Look at some bumper videos to get your wheels turning!

Worship and sermon bumper videos are very useful from many different angles, whatever the “style” or pace of your worship service. If you haven’t used one before, we recommend looking at a few examples and then finding one to try in your service. Even if you don’t use a bumper video every single week, the idea is a great tool to have in your worship media toolbelt!

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