4 Tips for a Better Church Media Resume

By June 1, 2015July 9th, 2020Church Media

Two of the fastest growing areas of ministry within the Church are media and technology. This opens the door for those of us who may not have considered full-time ministry before to see ways that we may be able to serve the Kingdom through the unique gifting God has given us.

If you’re looking to land a gig in tech/media ministry at a local church, consider these tips for building an awesome resume.

1. Share Your Passion
You’re not applying for a job as a short order cook – you’re applying for a job where you can use your technical skills and creative passion to serve Christ and His Church. Communicate that in your resume. Make sure that whoever is hiring knows that you possess not just the skills for the job, but the passion as well.

2. Show. Don’t Tell.
Since you’re applying for a creative position, use your skills to fashion a unique resume. It’s one thing to say that you’re creative – it’s another thing to show it. Make your resume stand out by adding some color and work representative of what you could do for the church if hired. If your role is less creative and more technical, include a portfolio with a couple of case studies of solutions you’ve implemented. If you have experience with design, ditch the templates and use design programs to create a custom resume.

3. Get Technical
Don’t be afraid to be technical in your descriptions of your skills and proficiencies. Be sure to demonstrate the tools and programs you’ve used in the past, and communicate your versatility and flexibility. The church you’re applying to probably has other “techies” on staff or at least consulting in the hiring process, and you’ll want them to know what you’re capable of. Programs in the Adobe Suite and Final Cut are ideal for creative positions, but Microsoft programs like Excel and Word (or their Google Drive counterparts) are important too. Experience with a particular camera, mixing console, or presentation software will also help you stand out from other candidates.

4. Why This Church?
In addition to sharing your passion for serving the church in a ministry capacity, it’s important to note why you want to serve THIS church. It’s not unusual for an organization to get dozens of resumes – stand out by showing that you don’t just want A job, but you want THIS job. Show that you’ve done your homework on what the church values and how they serve, and how you see yourselves connected seamlessly with their vision.

What have you done with your resumes in the past? If you hire tech and media folks, what are you looking for?


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