3 Ways to Amp Up Your Youth Service

By October 23, 2015July 8th, 2020Church Media

Church media has come a long way in the past ten years. With more technological advances in church presentation software, motion graphics, and film, anyone can add a few touches to their church’s worship services that make a huge difference. For youth, being relevant and modern in your ministry is especially important. Here are three ways that you can use church media to amp up your youth service.

1. Mini Movies

Youth do not have long attention spans–especially in this tech-filled, social media driven world. Keep their attention by adding a captivating Mini Movie to your service. These short videos are great teasers for your sermon, can add a visual element to scripture reading, and work to inspire or add humor to your message.

thanksgivingwithjesus2 46characterschurchinvite


2. Worship Tracks and Backgrounds

Worship videos are awesome because they do all the lyric and instrumental work for you and have a captivating backgrounds. Colorful backgrounds can keep your students’ attention–especially for those who may not be comfortable or used to worship. If you want to use a worship song that your adult services commonly use, put the lyrics on top of a motion or still background to make the song more youth-friendly. Motions and still images used as sermon slides also help unify your message around a particular theme.

onethingremains joyfull 2

cleanlookhappythanksgiving painteduniversetithesandofferings


3. Countdowns

During a youth worship service, it can be a challenge to get your students focused on the beginning of your worship program. Find a countdown with exciting music or add your own fun beat to silent countdowns. The timer will gently let your students know to take a seat and will also get everyone excited about the service!



Now that you have a few ideas under your belt, I hope that you will add some new media to your service that you have never used before! Hopefully some of these pre-made videos will be time savers and will help you have more time to focus on building relationships with your youth!


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