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Church 2.0 Podcast-

This weekend I caught up on a few podcasts, thanks to my new 80 gig, video iPod (thanks Rob & Jeff).

About a month ago I signed up for a free series called, “Church 2.0” from, a premium, subscription podcasting service. I listened to the first 2, “Balancing Technology and Mission,” and “Why Podcasting Your Sermon is a Bad Idea and What To Do About It.” I will have to wait for the next four, as they are releasing one a week in a six week period.
It is awesome.

It addresses the question, “How can I use new technology to be more effective in mininstry?” You will not be able to implement all of the ideas, but they will all make you think.

Check out The founder, Jay Kelly, was our House Guest a few months ago.


Web Site Checklist

Our friend Kent Shafer at blogged several days ago, about a Church Website Checklist that Internet Evangelism Day posted. The ironic thing is that Internet Evangelism Day didn’t seem to me, to have that great of a website. It is a good list, however, that will force you to address site issues. You may disagree with their point system or point values, but this list will allow you to do an exhaustive evaluatioin of your church site.

One issue that the list tip toes around is what I call “the cool factor.” It sounds vein and truthfully it is, but I think that it makes a difference. Most people can decipher most church sites in about 5 seconds (for more on the art of “snap” decisions, see Malcolm Gladwell‘s Blink). They can tell if the church has pews or chairs, old people or young people, choir or a band. I am not saying what a church should have, I am just saying you can tell what they have, from their website.

Churches, target who you want to target, this list will help you think through how to do just that.


Web-Enabled Worship… a nice little article

There is a great article in Worship Leader Magazine titled, “Web-Enabled Worship.” Kent Morris, an expert and 20 veteran, explains how the concept of “The World is Flat” (which is a great read) has effected worship for our churches. He gives examples of how things like the ipod, itunes and podcasts can effectively be used. He also ads some good technical info that really helps (even if you already use these things all of the time). He then goes on to explain how to take “content” and plug them into these technologies and excellent detailed instructions on using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). And of course he mentions good ole WorshipHouse when discussing the importance of a video or stills in your service.

He says the point is FLOW. With today’s world this is important. He ends with a list of websites as a great resource. Check it out..



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