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Is Your Church Doing Web Right?

I stumbled across an awesome post over at today. The good folks at iMinistries crunched the numbers on the sites they build and manage for churches and ministries and found some really interesting data that we think will be super helpful for your church. They even made a cool infographic (below). Read the full article here.


What in the world is Clover?

You may have see the skinny ad on our homepage talking about Clover.  It is not too often that I will blog about one of our advertisers that isn’t a producer, but I wanted to make sure you know about Clover.  They are a small company that makes great web sites for churches.  The concept is so amazing, and so simple.  And the pricing is amazing and simple.  All websites are just $1,000, and then $20.00 a month for hosting.  I have seen first hand many churches spend way more than that for a fancy website (so they think) but then it just sits there because no one knows how to update it after it is built for them.  One of the reasons it’s easy is because a Clover site has a super simple back-end editing system that anyone can use to update the site or tweak the look.  This way you don’t have to pay a tech person to always update your website.  Any pastor or church staffer can do it.

So there is my pitch for Clover and why they have a prominent spot on our homepage.  Your church may need a better website, in fact I know a bunch that do… so check out Clover.


0 launches beta officially released the first public beta version yesterday. YouVersion has been created by and is a web 2.0 online Bible. A few weeks ago, Jeff and I had the opportunity to sit down with Bobby Gruenewald and learn a little more about the vision behind the project. Life Church hopes to get people to read their Bible. I know, sounds big.

Check out YouVersion. You can ad notes, files, pictures, or whatever to verses. I am excited to see how it can be used to expose people to scripture, and how user generated content fits into the word of God.



Jeff and I got to travel up to Oklahoma City and meet with Bobby Gruenewalld of and chat a little bit about YouVersion, their online bible, web 2.0 application. They are releasing the official Beta test in the near future. Right now they have a few Alpha testers.

The heart behind the application is to expose people to Scripture. I really think it will be a very useful application for those who already know their Bible and for those just exploring. It will focus on community and user generated material that will supplement the Bible.

If you want to learn a little bit about how you can use it and what features are available, check out the YouVersion Blog.

It also made the first issue of Collide.


Funny Video On Tech Support

I ran across a pretty funny piece after reading Jason Powell’s Blog on Church IT. If you are the computer person at your church, or you seem to be the one people come to when they have a problem, you will get a kick out of this. If you are like me, and you feel like you ask the same questions over and over again… you will think it is funny too.


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