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#TBT – Josh Burns on Social Media Volunteers


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Here at the Church Media Blog, we have some pretty cool content. Have you seen it all? There is definitely a lot to see! So how do you know where to begin? Well that’s where Throwback Thursday, #TBT comes in. I will be curating some of the top content on the Church Media Blog that has generated the most buzz and excitement over the years and re-sharing those articles with you. Whether they are helpful hints, inspiring thoughts, or just interesting topics, I’ll bring these back to you for your reading enjoyment.

This week, I want to share with you a post from about 2 years ago that really sparked some ideas in my mind about managing multiple social media accounts. Check out this article from Josh Burns on utilizing volunteers to help spread God’s Word through Social Media.


Josh Burns on Social Media Volunteers



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Pindless Pinterest Possibilities

Churches today are reaching out to their communities through social media. If you are not currently using it, one great social tool your church should be using is Pinterest. Pinterest is not just a website filled with the latest recipes and creative DIY projects. It could be the way for you to connect with your community outside of the church doors.  Below are 4 ways churches can benefit from staying social on Pinterest.

1. Connecting Outside Of The Church

Not only does Pinterest allow you to share content on your own profile, but it also allows you to share content through community boards.  Through a community board you, as well as any individual you collaborate with, can post content to be viewed by all. With this feature, you can build new relationships through joining a ministry related community board. This will allow you to share content with pinners who are not members of your church.  You can also develop your own community board for your church members to post exciting content.

2. Creating Memorable Events

Pinterest is filled with millions of event planning ideas.  When struggling to plan your upcoming ministry event or next year’s Vacation Bible School, dive in to the Pinterest database for ideas on curriculum, decorating, or activities! In order to stay organized, create a new board for each event you plan.  Below is a screenshot of my search on women’s ministry. As you can see activities, themes, and tips are displayed. The search possibilities are endless.  


3. Sharing The Latest Church News

Have you recently hosted a ministry event at your church? Did your Youth Ministry go on a recent mission trip? Create a new board for each event to display pictures and share with your community. They will love staying connected through viewing images of the memories they made with each other.

4. Spreading The Word To All

Develop a board dedicated to motivational images and quotes from the Bible. Below is an example of a “Words of Encouragement” board. This can provide your community with the inspiration they need. It will also serve as a daily reminder that the church is always there for them.


How is your church using Pinterest and other social media websites to impact your community?

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3 apps

Here are three apps, which every church should be using, to harness social media and hip graphics.


I’m kind of showing my cards here, but most of the images in my previous blog posts are created using WordSwag. Don’t get me wrong, we have an amazing Graphic Designer here in the office, but he’s often bombarded with work. So, I use WordSwag and use stock photography to create hip looking graphics. It’s a great app for laying premade typography over images. I’ve added two images that I took for you to look at at the end of this blog post. I recommend using this app on social media platforms for announcements.


App Store

(Sorry Android friends, no WordSwag for you—yet. Check this app though)


Afterlight is a photo-editing app that you can apply filters to photography. I will first edit an image by cropping it, applying a few tweaks, and then adding a filter. The filter selection is classy and minimal. My biggest complaint about most apps that use filters is that they create too much warmth in an image. Afterlight’s premade filters rule, trust me.

Note:  I used Afterlight before running the images below through WordSwag.


App Store

Play Store


Okay, this is a brand-spanking-new platform created by Twitter to allow users to live stream video to an audience. When I heard about this app, light bulbs starting going off in my brain. You’ve probably heard of churches uploading their sermons or gatherings to sites like Vimeo and Ustream. These are both great for storing past sermons. However, if your church is attempting to harness more social media platforms like Twitter, I highly recommend downloading this app and live streaming to your Twitter followers. Imagine the ability to have those followers that are out-of-state or those that are unable to attend service that day having the ability to join in via social media. They can watch the gathering and live tweet along with the service. Two great things happen: One, they stay connected and two, they are able to share about the impact your church has had on their life via social media. HUGE OPPORTUNITIES! Someone do it and tell me how it goes!


App Store

(Sorry Android friends, no Periscope yet, but it’s coming soon!)



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Facebook’s Recent Change and What it Means for Your Church!

Facebook recently announced that they are making some changes starting in January that will affect the organic content from pages. Take a look at how Facebook is defining this change:

“As part of an ongoing survey we asked hundreds of thousands of people how they feel about the content in their News Feeds. People told us they wanted to see more stories from friends and Pages they care about, and less promotional content.”

So what does this mean for your church’s Facebook page? Facebook has made it very clear that any page that chooses to post promotional content will begin to see their organic distribution fall. Facebook has defined “promotional posts” as the following:

  • Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app
  • Posts that encourage people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context
  • Posts that reuse the same content from ads

An important thing to note here is that this change ONLY affects organic posts, and NOT paid ads. Essentially, they are stating that, if it feels like an ad, don’t bother posting it organically. Instead, buy a paid ad.

The Bottom Line
Because this change hasn’t rolled out yet, it is still unclear exactly what type of posts and language will take a direct hit. However, this change is forcing your church to change the way they think about marketing and promotions especially via social media. You will now be encouraged to be more interesting, conversational, and educational. The user should come first! If the consumer would rather see more engaging posts in their newsfeed rather than promotions, then it is our job to provide that. Maybe this means your strategy will shift from the classic call to action of “Register Now” to an announcement or description.

Check out the difference in these two posts:

Try this: We are so excited about this year’s Christmas Concert. Learn more about the event!

Instead of this: Sign up for the 2015 Christmas Concert. Register NOW!

The Problem
What if the purpose of your page is to provide information on events and promotions? If the user has “liked” the page to see information on these events, registration, or promotions, then that is the content the user ultimately wants to see. Should there be an exception to the no promotion rule?

What are your thoughts on this announcement and how it will affect marketing on your church’s Facebook page?

(For more on these developments, check out and

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