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iWorship Flexx how-to…

Our newest product in the ‘Worship Tracks’ genre is iWorship Flexx.

Watch this video to learn more…

This is a product that can be found in our ‘Song Tracks’ category.  You may be familiar with the iWorship MPEG series which gives you full songs with the words on the screen to use in worship with 3 versions: Split, Click, and full song.

iWorship Flexx goes a step farther to let you customize the worship song even more.  Flexx songs still come with 3 full versions, but now they also come with a new folder of ‘FLEXX’ files.  These files (6-12 per song) are individual video files of the chorus and each verse separate.  This allows you to change up how the song is presented.  Say you want to repeat a chorus, well now you can and the visuals will match up!

Below is an image that shows an example of the files you get when you purchase a single song iWorship Flexx download. It comes with PDF guides and full and flexx version files…


(you can choose MPEG or h.264 mov files when purchasing)


Travis Reed stops by our office

Travis is a fun guy and he decided to come by our office and wreak some havoc. After making our interns do push ups and get him coffee Travis sat down with us and we got to hear about the passions behind his videos and ministry. Travis is the producer behind THE WORK OF THE PEOPLE, and they have been one my favorite producers for a while now. They constantly produce challenging media that is an extension of the mission that Jesus calls Travis and others to live out. I really think they are ahead of their time with the “Visual Liturgy” pieces, and other creative media they produce. Check it out HERE.

travis reed
Travis holding a bird, no one knows why.

Travis with his family.


Copyright and the Church- from Creative Synergy Podcast

The much awaited Copyright and the Church pod-cast episode is now live at

Greg and Anthony do a great job of explaining church copyright issues and they also go into the why’s behind some of those issues. They have some great experts discussing multiple aspects of copyright issues effecting the church.

Whether you think you need to address copyright issues or not, this is an episode in which you need to listen, because you will learn something.

Thanks to Greg and Anthony for a great resource!


Wireless Projection

I found this article on how to go about avoiding all of the wires when using projection in a worship service. I thought it might be helpful to some of you that may be making some big purchases sometime soon.


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