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Before You Use Papyrus

The next time you're tempted to use the all-so-popular Papyrus font... when your mouse just can't resist selecting it for your document... STOP. You may have seen James Cameron's Avatar, the movie with big blue aliens. You may have loved it or even hated it for a variety of reasons,…
November 10, 2014

3 Ways Stock Helps & Hurts Creatives

Think of stock as a building block or raw material. It's not the thing. It's just one of the key ingredients to what you're cooking. It's like Papa John says, "Better ingredients, better pizza." The better your raw materials, the better your final product.
May 30, 2014

Gmail is at it Again

Google is testing a new way of displaying promotional e-mails (i.e. your church newsletter) in the Gmail Promotions Tab, and this could be significant for you and your church.
April 10, 2014