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Church media ideas from Christian leaders. Learn how to implement videos and other media formats into your church services.

Church Media

Connect with Your Students through Social Media

Teens are NEVER without their cell phones or social media. Today they have consistent access at their fingertips. Even though social media is fun, it can expose students to a darker side of the world. Create an account and let your social media postings be a light in your students’…
September 30, 2016
Church Media

New Mini Movie on Brokenness and Redemption

Being a part of a church community is tremendous! Going to church and celebrating our risen Lord with others who believe the same way is powerful and life-transforming. But have you noticed whenever we go to church and ask people how they are doing, the number one response is, "Good.…
July 11, 2016
Church Media

Why Being Bold Trumps Being Nervous

As I travel leading family concerts I always have kids ask me if I get nervous singing on stage. All I ever wanted to do as a kid was sing. I started singing solos on stage as an elementary student. I’ve been recording and doing concerts professionally for 19 years…
April 27, 2016