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Engaging Kids in Worship

I love music. I truly believe music is a fantastic tool that we have in ministry to connect. Having great music kids (and their parents) enjoy, connects with them. Creating space in your services and programs to sing songs together and invite kids to participate in worshipping the Lord also…
October 26, 2015

3 Tips to Successful #KidMin Music

I know music has great power in all of our lives and helps us connect the dots to remember events, details and messages we wouldn’t remember any other way. I saw a post on Facebook earlier this year that made me laugh when I read it cause it’s so true.…
September 29, 2015

4 Influencers to Know

So we thought it would be fun to highlight 4 influencers that are really making waves.   We find that leadership is essential to church culture, regardless of title, pay, and age—we all have an opportunity to lead and more importantly learn from other leaders. Jeanne Stevens Chicago, IL: Jeanne Stevens…
September 25, 2015

3 Ideas for Women’s Small Groups

Thinking of starting a women’s small group? Need some ideas? Women's small groups are important for spiritual growth and take leadership, faith-focus, and age integration to help them thrive. Take the lead Leadership is one of the most important elements of a women’s small group. Your leader can make the…
August 27, 2015

Five Articles To Improve Your Leadership

There is no shortage of articles on how to lead effectively in just about every situation imaginable. So here are 5 articles that can improve your leadership and how it can impact your ministry. My Greatest Struggle: Delegating 4 Common Struggles To Delegating Effectively by Download Youth Ministry Definitely one of…
July 17, 2015