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There is Nothing Ordinary About Mothering

Many of the biggest holidays seem to be more magical and meaningful as a child: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Columbus Day. As I grow older, its easy to become cynical of these dates as the conspiracy of card printers, electronic stores, and candy makers. What once was magical time becomes an…
April 26, 2013

Craig Groeschel on Innovation

Last week I was part of the team that represented Salem Church Products at The Resurgence Conference in Orange County. I know - Southern California is rotten and terrible, but someone had to do it. We had the opportunity to hear some really great speakers like Miles McPherson, Greg Laurie,…
October 17, 2012

You are Not Alone. Build Your Network.

I sat on a Tech Q&A Panel yesterday at the Unite Worship Conference in Atlanta. I was honored to share the platform with some really great folks who love the church and pour themselves into helping churches communicate with excellence. One of the guys in the room asked us: "Are…
September 21, 2012

Fostering Community :: Church Technical Leaders

In one way or another, you're probably involved in the "tech" ministry at your church. If you haven't joined the network at, you're truly missing a great opportunity to be served and to be connected to folks just like you. We absolutely LOVE the work that they're doing. The…
September 5, 2012