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8 Steps on How to Coil Cables Like a Ninja

We all know that what it’s like to pick up a cord only to find it tangled with thirteen other cables, looking as if it has multiple loops itself. To borrow a saying from the fishing world, it looks like a rat's nest on my bait caster reel! This is…
February 10, 2017

Does Stage Lighting Really Have to Be Tricky?

Lighting up a stage seems like a straight forward process, but when you get down to it, it can be downright complex! How do you handle lighting up an entire band, a preacher who stands still, a preacher who moves around a lot? Wait! Do you have windows behind the…
January 18, 2017

3 Simple & Free Ways to Redesign Your Stage

Everyone is looking for the cheapest, easiest and most effective way to redesign their stage for maximum impact. It has become part of our church cultural expectation, and has even made it’s way into some job descriptions. In our pursuit of creativity, balanced by our realties of budget, we've explored…
June 13, 2016

Keeping a Serving Attitude

  Keeping a Serving Attitude Nothing is quite as rewarding as putting in hours upon hours of volunteer time, getting the lighting cues programmed and then reprogrammed, dialing in the house mix, getting monitor mixes right, and then getting them right again all to have it noticed by sometimes no…
April 11, 2016

Praise-culus Rift Is Here!

That's right. I bet you thought you were going to get a traditional Flashback Friday post. Well not today! Today we are featuring our newest product, Praise-culus Rift! You've been searching high and low for that total immersion worship experience but just didn't know how to get to that next…
April 1, 2016