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Not The End

One of the key factors in creating mini-movies is time. There are a lot of important elements that happen in any given worship gathering, so as producers of media content for churches we have a goal of keeping our projects under 3 minutes. To make them longer is risky. But…
February 19, 2013
Church Media

Media at Lent

We use media because we believe that it can help us communicate better and deepen our worship experiences. When we celebrate in worship, we can use bright, energetic motions, stills, and worship intros. When we want to drive home a point and anchor it in the experiences of our people,…
February 12, 2013

A Life of Love

Love takes on a deeper meaning as we get older, at least it has for me. When I tell my wife, “I love you,” it has a much different meaning than the first time I told her in 9th grade. And while I’m sure Paul didn’t write the famous 1…
January 29, 2013
Church Media

Making Sure Your Church 2013 Super Bowl XLVII Party Is Legal

The following is an article written by CopyrightSolver with an exclusive official statement from the NFL. It is republished in its entirety by permission. Many churches are preparing for one of their biggest evangelistic opportunities of the year--Super Bowl XLVII hosted at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, LA on…
January 25, 2013
Church Media

Christmas Songs in Mini-Movies

When you think of Christmas, we know that visions of sugar plumbs dance in your head... but what sounds do you hear? If you're like me, you're singing Christmas songs in your shower all month. The traditional songs of the season are bouncing around most of our heads each December,…
December 6, 2012