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Creating Environments and Telling Stories

I've been known to say a couple of contradictory things about leading visual worship: 1. Like a good cat burglar, if a visual worship leader is doing their job, no one will know they're there. 2. Visual worship will impact people when images are thrown on the screen that subvert…
May 14, 2013
Church Media

Mother’s Day Media

So you've found (or are planning to find) the perfect mini movie to intro your sermon or service the week, honoring moms for all that they do in the lives of children, young and old... BUT, you want to take your Mother's Day Service to the next level. Take a…
May 8, 2013

Conference Preview

Conference season is fast-approaching, and WHM will be involved in several great church media and worship conferences in the next few months. We encourage you to check them out and come say hello! Luminous (Franklin, TN) - May 1-3 Our vision with the Luminous Project is to see a resurrection…
April 9, 2013
Church Media

Video Blog: Easter Must-Sees

Dale and Luke sit down to share a few of the videos they think you just have to see this Easter Season. We know it's a busy time, so we kept it short and sweet! The videos can be found here: Empty by Shift Worship Light Shines by Journey…
March 26, 2013

The Creative Process in a Time Crunch

This post is about the creative process (or blocks) in the development of Light Shines. I started thinking, reading and brainstorming about Easter back in the first week of January, which I was quite proud of. I was ahead of schedule, and had plenty of time to develop a story…
March 19, 2013