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Church Media

39 Essential Mobile Apps for Every Preacher

Contents Bible Apps Dictionary & Reference Apps Lexicon Apps Scripture Memory Apps Writing and Research Apps Apps for Wearable We all love resources to help us get the job done and these 39 apps for preachers will be sure to help us all get the job done more efficiently and…
August 23, 2017
Church Media

Don’t Miss This New Album from Hillsong United

By now, you have likely become fairly familiar with Hillsong United’s newest album, Wonder. (Unless your primary residence is located on a remote island or under an actual rock.) Just a few weeks ago they were teasing us by releasing their single of the same name, and now the full…
August 1, 2017
Church Media

9 Tools You Need for Your 4th of July Sermon

Fourth of July weekend is a great time to bring your church together to celebrate freedom. What’s even better, however, is that you have the opportunity to guide your congregation to seeing this holiday through the eyes of faith. There are certainly a great number of directions you can take…
June 26, 2017
Church Media

Top 10 Hymns You Should Sing This Easter

Contents Easter Hymns - Our Perception Hymns Have Stood the Test of Time Power of Hymns Theological Richness of Hymns Easter Hymn Encouragment Top 10 Easter Hymns to Sing When it comes to Easter hymns, there is a large number of powerful, Scripture-centered hymns that you can choose from to…
April 7, 2017