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Church Media

An Election Season Mini-Movie: Promises, Promises

Promises, Promises is a very special mini-movie for me. While it’s one that I did not write (that was my creative partner Phil Grimes), I did have the initial inspiration to create the piece. That inspiration came while returning home from the Echo Conference in July 2011, where I was…
October 19, 2012
Church Media

Sunrise Long Play

When you think of a motion background, you probably think of a short, abstract loop that works really well behind worship lyrics. You may not always think of what's called a Long Play background. These longer-form clips have a unique ability to add a deeper story-telling component to your backgrounds.…
October 4, 2012
Church Media

Making Media Mistakes

You train. You practice. You hone your skills. Then you train again. You practice more. You keep honing your skills. But it happens. It happened to me this weekend. I made a big, fat, glaring mistake when running the worship slides at church. The worship team was going to go…
September 25, 2012
Church Media


First of all, this post is a look at what inspired the mini-movie Shoppers. It’s not intended to be a “what’s wrong with the world” rambling, rather a lighthearted commentary. Before you read further, it’s important that you watch the mini-movie Shoppers. This is certainly not the first mini-movie about…
September 12, 2012